Encountering Difficulties which lead you to Discontinue with your studies

Medical – Mitigating Circumstances

The university offers support through a number of mechanisms for individual mitigating circumstances. It is important that you inform your personal tutor of any mitigating circumstances you may encounter as early as possible to ensure that the appropriate support is put in place.

Note: ‘A successful mitigating circumstances case does not excuse you from an assessment as the learning outcomes for module(s) affected must still be undertaken. It may lead to an extension for assessed work or a resit opportunity (as a first attempt or for a capped mark) for any test, oral or written examination (to be taken at the earliest scheduled opportunity).’

Once you have received your results, it is too late to submit a request for mitigating circumstances.

Reporting Mitigating Circumstances

You must inform the Department of Education as soon as possible of any issues that you may be having so that we can provide you with support. You will have entered into a Gibraltar Government Scholarship Award Scheme with the understanding that you are liable to reimburse HM Government of Gibraltar if you do not complete your course unless you are able to provide evidence that as a result of unavoidable medical reasons you have had to withdraw/defer from the course.

In order for the Scholarship Panel to consider any cases to determine whether the monies afforded would have to be returned or renounced on the basis of unavoidable circumstances (medical grounds), the following supporting documents need to be provided:

  • Timeline of events leading up to your withdrawal
  • Mitigating circumstances submitted to the University prior to withdrawal
  • Correspondence with the University leading up to withdrawal
  • Correspondence with counsellors and UK doctors prior to withdrawal
  • Official confirmation from your University of your withdrawal
  • Any further documents you may feel relevant to support your case

In the absence of such evidence, the Scholarship Panel may consider any evidence provided by you to determine whether your ability to complete the course was a result of unavoidable medical reasons, or whether you could have taken steps to prevent the issues that led to the withdrawal/deferral.

The Scholarship team acknowledges that you may not feel comfortable with sharing information pertaining to private or sensitive issues which may impact your academic progression. All information provided is treated confidentially and disposed of by request once the panel has made its decision.

If the evidence submitted does not meet the criteria stated in the contract of your Scholarship Award Scheme the funds awarded would have to be reimbursed.