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Why UniGib?

The University of Gibraltar offers its students high quality, in person teaching and UK-aligned standards in a unique, safe and multicultural location.

Our small class sizes, combined with the expertise of our academic staff, meaningful placements and work experience ensure you are getting the skills that employers are looking for, while gaining an unforgettable student experience.



Student Experience

There are countless reasons to choose studying in Gibraltar, and who better to highlight them than our students:

“I am happier here than I would have been at a UK-based university. With my class size only being 18 people, you get a lot of support from the lecturers and tutors. There is also a very open culture at the University, meaning you feel comfortable knocking on anybody’s door and asking for help if needed.” – Amy Robinson (English).


“The University is a very vibrant place with an excellent atmosphere. I have been very social with my peers which is something I thought I would struggle with.” – Celine Monteverde (Gibraltarian).


“I love the course and all the people I’ve met; I feel like this is a real step up from my time as an undergraduate student, and I love the real-world application my course discusses.” – Arianna Talas (American).


“Having studied my undergraduate degree at a large university where I sat with hundreds of other students in lecture rooms, I was looking forward to studying within a small cohort and feeling more connected to my lecturers.” – Janella Borrell (Gibraltarian).


“I came to this University because I was interested in getting a British higher education in a tropical climate. The nightlife, student life and marine life have all lived up to my expectations.” – Guilherme Rosado (French).


“Studying at home allows me to continue my academic studies and maintain face to face study, whilst working full time and having a family.” – Tasmin Griffith (Gibraltarian).



“You get to know a lot of people from other courses. On the weekends we go out together in town, organise a BBQ at the beach or have lunch or study together in someone’s room. I think the culture is an interesting part of Gibraltar. You can find a mix of people and cultures that cannot be found anywhere else.” – Manuel Sanchez (Spanish).

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UK-Aligned, Globally Accredited Education

In 2022, the University of Gibraltar achieved global accreditation from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), the UK’s independent quality body and a global leader in quality assurance for higher education. All UK Universities are required to undergo a review by the QAA.

This accreditation ensures that our degrees hold equal recognition worldwide to those awarded by UK institutions.

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Employability Focussed

Employability and professional development are at the core of what we do at the University of Gibraltar. We have designed our degree programmes to ensure that our students feel prepared for career success upon graduation.


97% of University of Gibraltar graduates are in employment or further study within 6 months of graduating.

*statistics compiled from 2020-2022 graduates.

Each of our programmes have been designed to ensure students develop relevant professional skills, better preparing them for when they take the step to pursue their career of choice.

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At the University of Gibraltar, we place the success of our students at the heart of everything we do.

Have a question about student life in Gibraltar, or want to find out which of our degree programmes is the best fit for you? Schedule a video call to speak to a member of our Student Experience Team who are on-hand to talk to you about all things University of Gibraltar!

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