Helpful information for students

What should I do before I leave for University?

  1. Book your accommodation.
  2. Make sure you open a bank account before leaving to the UK.
  3. Take your tuition fee letter. Remember you will have an electronic copy of this.

What should I do when I arrive at University?

  1. Provide the Finance Department with your tuition fee letter.
  2. Register with a GP.
  3. Register with a dentist.
  4. If you have SEND needs inform your university.
  5. Get involved and enjoy fresher’s week: The first year student welcome period is full of events designed to help you settle into university life. While you don’t have any course commitments, you can immerse yourself in these activities and make sure you are prepared to start your degree.


Life away from home will be a new experience for most of you and problems will undoubtedly be experienced along the way. You do not need to feel you’re on your own, since advice is readily available on many of the problems you may come up against. First contact should be the personal tutor assigned to each you when you enrol. You are encouraged to quickly establish a working relationship with your tutors. Help is also available from the student services/affairs office in university. Trained counsellors usually offer a round the clock help/advise facility which is completely confidential. Remember, that the Department of Education will continue to support and assist you throughout your time of study abroad.

Nearly all universities offer on-campus student support centres, which can help you with a range of things from homesickness, mental health and financial advice. Check out the Wellbeing section on your university’s website.